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Monday, May 11, 2009

Tinggal seminggu je lagi y'allz

Apa yang seminggu nya ni??

hehehe... (muke gediks)

its my birthday la.. cis.. perlu ke??

my 20th birthday falls this coming 18th may 2009

waaa...dah masuk 20-an la babe..

bile sebut pasal birthday aku teringatkan my previous birthday

Lets recap among the birthday celebrations and the best gifts i ever had

banyak sebenarnya tp ni je collection pic yang i ada



Date : 10-05-2005
Age : 16
Location : Midvalley Megamall
Present :
-16 Ferrero Rocher represent my 16th birthday
- a heart shape silver necklace
- a silver heart shape charmed bracelet
- burned CD of my fav song
- awesome date
(all this gifts were from the same person =p)

Surprise!! surprise!!

The sweetest surprise bday celebration

Muka terrramat terharu .. hidung kembang kempis

Tak pernah dapat kek dua tingkat

teruja potong kek

Thanks sis for tHE bEst Suprise Bday!

Date : 18-05-07
Age : 18
Location : Sunshine Bay Port Dickson

my 18th Birthday on the 18th of May
just the right timing ayte?

We Shared We Care

Me and Ayu Azril

Date : 18-05-2008
Age : 19
Location : Taman Tasek Permaisuri
Details : Me and Ayu shared the same birth date.
So we decided to celebrate it together

-The birthday present I Treasure-

Kelly From JimmyH (abah)

White Gold necklace from Haniedear(mak)

Gold Guess handbag from Pinky

Ladybug's piggy bank from kak watie

Perfume from haniedear

Hp holder from Kochik

Burned CD from Honeym


edil (",) said...

Hi Elia, Happy 20th birthday this coming sunday/monday. Wish u in advance coz weekend im totally died due to no intehnet.

Anonymous said...

dr gmbr2 yg ade kat page u..
u lagi cun .. klu x mcm mne ley jd model .. btol x?!

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