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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Featured in New Straits Times

i have no idea about this article. when it came out, i didn't even get the chance to buy or keep the newspaper. nasib lah ada this wonderful follower of mine yang informed me about this article muah sayang awak ;p. nasib boleh google. rupanya dah publish lama dah. sometime around last week. huhu. silly me.

yelah. interview ni pon dah lama gila kot tak silap saya. i was reluctant to be interviewed at first, but akhirnya agreed jugak after being persuade by the reporter. i asked them to promised me one thing and they agreed to keep it.

so, cek cek cekidaud!!

Stand aside Posh, here come our WAGs

Malaysian actress Rita Rudaini and Mohd Aidil Zafuan are blessed with two children and seem to have put all past acrimony behind them.
Malaysian actress Rita Rudaini and Mohd Aidil Zafuan are blessed with
two children and seem to have put all past acrimony behind them.

RITA Rudaini, 35, is married to Negri Sembilan and Malaysian centre-back and left-back Mohd Aidil Zafuan Abdul Radzak, 24.

The couple, who have been married for more than three years, have two children -- 2-year-old Airit Rayyan Rizqin and Airit Rafqa Arjuna.

When the couple first started dating, Rita, who is an actress and supermodel, was the bigger star in the relationship and was hounded by fans wherever the couple went.

"My husband is a caring and understanding person and in the early years, it was him who had to get used to the idea of having a girlfriend and later, a wife who was more famous than him.

"But things have changed and in my opinion, while I do have a fan base, it is Aidil who is more famous now with both men and women vying for his attention and autograph when we go out.

"But I am not complaining because I totally trust my husband and he is a loving and doting father to our two boys, and a good husband to me."

Does she get jealous over the attention her husband gets from female fans?

"Not at all. I do not feel jealous when women make a beeline for him because he is an honest man and trust is important in our marriage," says Rita.

Rita, who is 11 years older than Aidil Zafuan, says the huge age gap has not made a difference in their marriage. "I never worry about it."

The couple caused a stir when they married secretly in Songkhla, Thailand, in 2008. They kept the marriage under wraps until Aidil Zafuan's father held a press conference 10 months into the marriage.

The marriage, too, has been rocked by rumours of separation up until before the birth of their second child. Their ups and downs was fodder for the Malay tabloids and magazines.

"People can say what they want but we are still very much together," says Rita.

Actress Ayu Raudah was attracted to Zafuan’s twin Mohd Zaquan Adha’s good looks.

Actress Ayu Raudah was attracted to Zafuan’s twin Mohd Zaquan Adha’s good looks.

Meanwhile, actress Ayu Raudah, 25, is married to Aidil Zafuan's twin brother, Zaquan Adha, 24, Negri Sembilan and

Malaysian football striker.

Ayu Raudah and Zaquan Adha have been married for 10 months. Ayu says being a soccer wife has its ups and downs.

"It is nice to be recognised by his fans because of his football skills, but sometimes, it can get tiring when people pursue us incessantly, especially when we are out in public.

"My husband gets calls and SMSes (short messaging services) from his female friends, but he always tells me about them.

"There are days when I feel jealous, but I try not to let it get to me. After all, I completely trust my husband, who is a caring and responsible man."

So how did they get together? Ayu says she was the one who pursued Zaquan Adha and not the other way around, adding that she was smitten by his good looks.

Ayu says her husband does tend to get jealous when men pay attention to her.

"But he is always understanding. As an actress, there will definitely be fans who want to get to know us better, but I suppose they don't pursue us as aggressively as how some female fans go after footballers."

Ayu feels that life as a footballer's wife has not changed much for her, other than the fact that she makes an effort to be at soccer matches to support her husband and both the state and national teams.

"But even then, both of us continue to pursue our own goals. Sometimes it gets busy, therefore, we cherish the time we have together."

Sparks between stewardess Siti Aisya Adam and Nursharul Idlan happened on a plane.

Sparks between stewardess Siti Aisya Adam and Nursharul Idlan happened on a plane.

Siti Aisya Adam, 22, is the wife of Kelantan and national team striker and attacking midfielder Norsharul Idlan Talaha, 25.

The couple have been married for a year and are still in the honeymoon phase of their relationship.

Both, however, have busy schedules -- Norsharul has a punishing timetable and Siti Aisya is a stewardess with AirAsia -- and wish they had more time for each other.

But Siti Aisya is not complaining about her "hero". She met him on a flight back home from Singapore, sparks flew, and they eventually got married.

"It all happened so fast. When the Malaysian team boarded the flight in Singapore, I was the only stewardess on duty that day. The rest were stewards.

"Norsharul handed me his boarding pass and I was surprised to see his contact number on it.

"I decided to send him an SMS that evening after we had landed in Kuala Lumpur. He called me straightaway."

Norsharul, who was seeing someone else at the time, went ahead and dated Siti Aisya. That culminated in their marriage on Oct 10, last year.

"If you ask me, frankly, I don't like to be known as a soccer WAG. I don't like the glamorous lifestyle.

"I married my husband not because he is famous or a national soccer player, but because is a caring and loving person.

"He is a crazy person who makes me happy. When we go out, there are fans who want to talk or to be photographed with him, but that is okay with me because he is their idol.

"As for me, I prefer a quiet lifestyle and just being there at the stand supporting my husband when he's playing for his state or country."

So, do the Malaysian WAGs hang out together like the spouses and girlfriends of the English Premier League players?

Hardly, says Siti Aisya.

 They love sports and each other — Pei San and Mohd Amirul. Not many know they are dating, but they do now.

They love sports and each other — Pei San and Mohd Amirul.
Not many know they are dating, but they do now

Puah Pei San, 25, has been dating Mohd Amirul Hadi Zainal, 25, Malaysia's right winger for five years.

Not many know of their relationship as they keep a low profile.

Puah, however, can't say who's the bigger star in their relationship. After all, she is a national netball player herself.

"We are dating and don't think about who is the bigger star."

How did they meet?

"We met at Bukit Jalil Sports School eight years ago and have been dating for the last five years."

The shy and quiet Puah says not many people are aware that they are dating and she likes it that way.

Many Malaysian footballers' wives and girlfriends are not known to the public and she prefers to be out of the limelight so she can go about her life and perform her teaching duties at the Bukit Jalil Sports School without being disturbed.

But every time the couple go out for dinner or drinks, there would be fans who would run up to Amirul to have their photographs taken with him. But that's fine with Puah.

Does she attend all his matches?

"I don't because I am still a national netball player and have my own life. Frankly, I prefer the quiet life, away from the media and Amirul is okay with that."

Harmelia is moving on with her life after her break-up with national goalkeeper Khairul Fahmi Che Mat

Harmelia is moving on with her life after her break-up with national goalkeeper Khairul Fahmi Che Mat

Aimie Harmelia Mohd Hashumi, 22, is the ex-fiancee of national goalkeeper Khairul Fahmi Che Mat, also 22.

Life was good and fun-filled for Harmelia, also known as Elia, when she was dating Khairul Fahmi.

Before he became an overnight sensation after Malaysia won the AFF Suzuki Cup in December last year, the couple could spend time together with minimal disturbances from fans. But after after the victory, things changed.

Khairul Fahmi became a huge star and was pursued by many female fans.

"I cannot tell you much, but only that we have parted ways."

The break-up was not entirely an amicable one, based on reports in the Malay newspapers.

It was alleged that they broke up because of a "third party".

Wishing her ex-fiance the very best, Harmelia says she was the one who started Khairul Fahmi's Facebook accounts so fans can interact with him.

"When we were a couple, people used to not only stare, but wanted to get to know Khairul well.

"Sometimes, I would consider it an invasion of privacy, but other times, Khairul would just tell me to get used to having fans around us whenever we went out."

Even now, Harmelia, who is pursuing a course in banking, says people still stare at her in public.

But she is used to it. The attention will likely ebb with time

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