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Monday, April 20, 2009

How to Start a Recycling Program

There are a few key elements to starting any recycling program for a business,

a school, an organization or just in your home.

  1. Decide what to recycle—Evaluate how much space you have to sort and store materials and what items you tend to go through on a regular basis, such as plastic bottles.
  2. Find a vendor—Check with your local recycling center, municipality and waste hauler to find out what kind of materials are accepted in your area. The green Earth911 recycling locator at the top of the page can help.
  3. Decide on storage—Washable plastic bins or trash cans are the best to use to store your recycling. Be sure to rinse out the containers that held food to avoid critters.
  4. Educate participants—If items are put in the wrong containers, it means more work for you and could mean materials might not be recycled.
  5. Label bins—Print up a sheet of special instructions, such as: remove caps, stomp on containers, break down cardboard boxes, bundle newspapers, etc.
  6. Maintain and monitor—Keep the storage bins clean and dry and make sure materials don’t pile up. A clean recycling area encourages other to keep it clean and uncluttered as well.
  7. Reward good behavior—Praise your participants and share any monetary rewards from dropping off materials.

Remember, not all things are recyclable in all areas of the country.

It varies greatly by city, county and state.

Always check with your local municipality or waste hauler to see what kind of

recycling services are available in your area.

OhWellWhatEverNeverMind :

See?? I've started recycling at my office...hehe

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