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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Orang terpelajar sekarang dah terlalu pandai untuk baca arahan

pada suatu hari sedang Elia ditimbunkan kerja yang tak putus-putus....

telefon berdering

Dengan suara yang ceria saya menjawab talian tersebut

Me : Hello, Elia speaking, How may I help you? =)

Customer : Ello, my name is N***** I would like to inquire about my loan status?

Me : has been approved and I’ve sent the loan bond to You via mail. Have you checked your mail?

Costumer : owh..ok2 I go and check now ah. tq

Me: welcome.

Aku pon sambung kerja aku yang tergendala oleh deringan telefon tadi..

Sedang aku sibuk menaip di papan keyboard…


Customer : hello Elia, I got the email.. but where should I sign?

Me : hm…where it stated “particulars of borrower”. Same goes to the guarantor. Sign where it stated “surety”.

Customer : ok2..what about the witness? Who’s the witness?

Me : it can be anyone. Except the borrower of guarantor.

Customer : oic. Ok thanks ya

Me: welcome

Lepas letak tepon aku kembali pada kerja.. siapkan minit mesyuarat. Due date dah dekat.

10 minit berlalu.Tiba-tiba…


Customer : ellow elia, sorry. Its me again. My guarantor had signed at the witness’ part. Can I just erase it with liquid paper?

Me : No. its stated there on top of the bond “usage of liquid fluid are unacceptable”. You can just cancel it by cross it with pen.

Customer that ah? Ok2…thanks ah..

Me : ok (dengan muka yang dah tak berapa ceria)

Calls ends

Sambung balik typing..


Fax machine rings..

A paper came out

Soon after, the rings….AGAIN!!

Customer : Hello, its N***** again. I have faxed the bond to you. Have you received it?

Me : Yes but it is not valid. In the mail I’ve said you have to send the REAL copy via post.

Customer : gee..ok2..i’ll post it tomorrow. So when can I get the money ek?

Me : as soon as we get the bond that you posted.

Customer : hm...can you use the faxed copy first to dispersed the loan? later I give u the real one la..

Me : Sorry. We cant do that.

Customer : owh..ok then..thanks.

Me : ok (dengan muka yang ketat..nasib la cakap dalam phone je)


I bet tomorrow she's gonna call back


Moral of the story : next time, please READ the instruction before you do anything.

There a reason they wrote it you know.

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hazlin said...

sabar itu separuh dari iman.....hehehehehe

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