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Thursday, June 18, 2009

17 Again - If only we would turn back time

A former high school basketball star gets a second shot at life when he's miraculously transformed into a teenager and offered the opportunity to redefine his future. Back in 1989, Mike O' Donnell (Matthew Perry) had it all; not only was the 17-year-old senior the king of the basketball court, but college scouts were circling as well. But just as Mike's future began to glow brighter than ever before, he sacrificed everything in order to stay by his expectant girlfriend, Scarlet, and be a good father. Nearly 20 years later, Mike has just been passed over for a big promotion at work, his marriage is failing, and his teenage kids can't stand him. His dreams long gone and his family falling apart, Mike takes to staying with his best friend, Ned (Thomas Lennon), a former high school geek-turned-techno billionaire. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, Mike is transported back into his teenage body and given the given the unique opportunity to relive his salad days. But while Mike may look 17 again, his thirty something outlook at life puts him hopelessly at odds with the class of 2009. When Mike discovers that by attempting to recapture his best years he could risk losing all the best things he ever experienced in life, the time comes to make a decision that could have a drastic impact on both his past and his future. ~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide

Farewell Sanfai ~!!

Last Monday on 15th June I went to watch this movie at Time Square with Fai2 for the last time before he flew to Abu Dhabi for work yesterday.. Sedeyh la jugak bile teringat.. Fai2 la pengikot setia blog i tp dia sendri xnk buat blog.. tak reti mengarang katenya.. ni dia kat Abu Dhabi taktau la sempat bace ke tak my blog ni.. Terasa gak bile dia xde ni.. Dah xde orang nak lepak2 sambil main Uno dah lepas ni, xde orang nk kritik my entri samaada bagus ke x, xde orang nak teman i g buat passport lagi(wahh..brape kali lak ko nk bt pasport ek pompuan???).. By the time he comes back I dah check in kt Uitm Machang.. So long Fai2.. Pakai sunblock bebanyak taw.. Till we meet again next time..

P/s : bawa balik unta sekor utk I keyh?? hohoho..

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