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Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Cicik

My only sister is celebrating her 22nd birthday today~!!

The person who i refer to in this blog as TutuSis

But for her 22nd birthday, i decided to change her nick to "Cicik"

This is what i call her everyday.

Tak tahu la kenapa my mum suruh i call her that since i was small.

Okayh, specially for her birthday

I will show all of you some of our baby picture and how close we were last time.

June 1987 - This is when she got her power..

Love this picture of her with JimmyH

Cicik at Texas.. Masa ni Elia dalam perut je..waaa..

Our Family Potrait

Dear Cicik,

For all these years...

You have been bullying me ,

Look down on me ,

Making fun of my 'gemok'ness ,

and also my 'poyo'ness

But nevertheless...

During confusing times ,

play times ,

Wet ,

And even dry hot sunny day,

During days of learning ,

Happy ,

And sad times ,

you will ALWAYS have my back.

Love you sis~!!


Anonymous said...

korg twin eah?
muke same kowt ..

AiMiEiA said...

ha'ah twins tp lahir lain tahun..
hehe taklah..
muke same n masa kecik sampai la my sis masuk Mrsm kitorang akan pakai bj same macam twins..
miss those moments

aMyErInAiMiE said...

hahah...sungguh terharu!dh lame ade post ni baru ler berpeluang nk bace.

tengkiu2 sis!keterharuan melampau.mane dpt pic2 lain!!nk copy nnt.hahaha

Dyla Rafee said...

kamo mmg nampk comel dr kecik lg eh

efa fairuz said...

comel sangat!

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