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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Do I Have What It Takes To Be a Part of 3R Freshy??

Hye fellas..

Weee.. Im so happy at this moment because i have received email plus phone calls from the Red Communications Sdn Bhd regarding the Freshy Audition which falls on the 5th of September 2009.


CONGRATULATIONS ! You have been choosen from over 1100 applicants for FRESHY a new TV programme for women and youth.
We are inviting you for an audition. Please read this email carefully, as it contains most of the information that you need.
The address of the audition venue is as below:

RED Communications Sdn. Bhd.
No. 10 Jalan Rasa Sayang,
47301 Petaling Jaya,
Telephone: 03-78062811
( Please find attached a MAP to the venue)

TIME : 11 AM to 5PM

Project Manager, FRESHY. "

Wahh.. excitednya kita kak Tini send email kat kita!!

huhuhu... dah2.. start dah Jakun dia..

Ok2.. What im trying to say is im up for the challenge eventhough i dont really know what's coming and whether im gona do well or sucks. Thanks to all the support i received from all of u especially my sayang the Charlie's Angel of Machang... ofcoz YanaMic and Mieza yang kadang-kadang tu lebih excited dr i sendri.

Tak kenal maka tak cinta,
Tak try maka tak tahu..

betul tak kawan2??

Hehe.. atleast ada la alasan i nak balik KL. ye la. this week i xdapat balik sebab ada test coming up.. plus my dad macam agak bising i kerap sangat balik sampai dia cakap

" Eia balik Kl-Kelantan macam KL-Shah Alam je"

Pape pon xsabar rasanya and at the same time rasa sangat berdebar nak tunggu 5hb ni.

Doakan saya takkan jadi macam lagu baru Stacy Af tu.. ga-ga-gap~!!

:: Peace .. Wish me luck k korang! ::


Edil (",) said...

Cool. All the best. =)

Anonymous said...

congratulation my dear....happy for the sure u'll do well..selawat byk2 sebelum mula...heheheh...good luck...Aunty Lynn

mieza said...

kak ya....=)
congrats cuz u have been selected in da audition..gud luck..hope kak ya will success in everything ..nnt kte vote kak ya yerk.huhu...
luv u sis...(mieza)

AiMiE HaRmELiA said...

huhu.. seronoknya..
thanks korang..
cayang la camnie..
dah semangat dah nak g audition ni..

kim said...

waaaa goodluckkk kak yaaa!!!!
do ur best okayyyy , u can do it :))

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