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Monday, August 24, 2009

Mari gelakkan perempuan ini

I was supposed to make an entry about me fasting but i just had to put it on hold coz there's something more outrageous i figured when i checked my mail.

Something struck me when i opened my inbox

ye la. not everyday you received a mail from ""

the mail goes something like this :


Thank you for your applications for Dove Freshy - New Face. The response
was fantastic, thank you for your support.
We have shorlisted the candidates, could it be you ? Please log on to

Congratulations to those who made it to the second phase, for those who
missed out, don't worry
there are plenty of opportunity in the future. Don't forget to log on to
our website to find out about casting opportunities
and 3R latest activities.

I thank all of you for your great support and keep on watching 3R !

Respect, Relax , Respond @ tv3, SUNDAY , 730PM.


Then i was like "word?? for real??"

then jejariruncing ni pon ngan pantas menaip link 3r untuk merungkai segala misteri..

and zass..

:: xcaya lagi try click sini ::

HAHAHAHA!!! sila gelak sambil guling2..

Funny la i baru teringat few months back my sis pernah suruh i hntar pic kat this website..

"mane la tau awk dapat ke.. try je"

without any harapan menggunung i just buat apa yang disuruh..

I totally forgotten about it

tak sangka lak i was shortlisted..

but honestly, i dont really knw what should i do..

help me out guys!!

p/s : that girl(pic) on my left tu my ex-schoolmate.. Aeti..haha.. what a coincident!


aMyErInAiMiE said...

kan dh kate!mulut den masin!hehe..jgn xg audition die plak nnt

Edil (",) said...

Gratz... :D

Ezzan Yusop said...

ada style lah! (smbil memetik jari)...hikhik!


hahahaha thats the thing! naz ah suruh masuk konon2 nak masuk dua orang last2 dia tak register pun T_____T

Ehh i baru perasan, PAHANG?????
Cis, dia letak tempat lahir pulak.

Anonymous said...

you kne menang jugak!! klu ade voting .. i vote for you!!

AreDip said...

wtf?? biaq betui... haha... masuk tv lak lepas nie... ada adik beradik artis... hahaha... :p

AiMiEiA said...

hehehe! (kembang kempit idung)

gee.. thanks guys..
I pon tak sangka dpt shortlisted..
wish me luck and doakan i kayh??
but do i have what it takes to be a host??

mieza yezza... said...

kak ya bleh pnye jgn la cuak sgt k...
all da best yeah..
luv u sis..muakhss..

lily lyana said...

congratz la kokyah deh..

lau da femes ingt2 la org kmpong sket k..
[femes ke?]

AiMiE HaRmELiA said...


mesti la ingat.. korang kan side mirror kite.. sebelah xde mane leh.. kne saman nanti.. kahkahkah!

ash_asrah said...

elia...i proud wif u dear...go go girl..u can do it n u strong....pedulik apa yg org ckp...yg penting kamu yg tahu perkara the way u think...apa2 po..wish u all the besh in ur life dear...^_^

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