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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Top 10 Super Food for Slimming


Slimming superpowers: The fish's omega-3 fatty acids could help you fight flab more effectively. They alter the expression of certain genes, shifting your body to burn fat rather than store it.

The amazing proof: In a study analyzing the diets of 35,000 women, published in Public Health Nutrition, those subjects who ate oily fish such as salmon two to four times per week had the lowest basal metabolic indexes, a common measure of body fat.

- Nasib saya memang suka makan ikan Salmon ni. kalau pergi Western food's restaurant mesti minta ikan Salmon. sebab dia sedap berbanding Chicken Chop. huhu.



Slimming superpowers: This fruit's 4 to 5 grams of fiber not only are filling but also help ferry out some of the fat and calories you take in from other foods.

The amazing proof: People who ate an apple 15 minutes before lunching on cheese tortellini consumed 187 fewer calories in total than those who snacked on nothing beforehand, a study from Penn State University in University Park determines. How about them apples?

- Hhahaha.. double yeay sebab saya memang suka makan epal ijau daripada apple merah. sebab ape? sebab dia masam sikit kot. saya ni sejak azali suka sangat makan benda-benda yang masam ni.



Slimming superpowers: Healthful monounsaturated fats found in olive oil could potentially switch on genes related to fat burning and storage.

The amazing proof: Dieters on a low-cal plan emphasizing monounsaturated fats, protein and complex carbs lost almost double the weight that dieters who ate the same calories but less total fat and protein and more carbs lost, a study in the Archives of Internal Medicine reveals.

- Minyak zaitun memang saya kurang ambil sebab kurang digunakan dalam masakan melayu. but its healthy. maybe kalau dah kawin masak sendiri boleh la kot start guna minyak zaiton dalam masakan ;p

Slimming superpowers: The breakfast staple is loaded with choline, a compound known to help block fat absorption.

The amazing proof: After eight weeks, dieters who ate two eggs , toast and jelly for breakfast five days a week lost 65 percent more weight than those who had a same-calorie bagel breakfast without eggs, according to a study in the International Journal of Obesity.

- Telur... bagus untuk breakfast. saya suka buat scramble egg. nyum nyum.. tak tahu pula ianya bagus untuk menyekat menyerapan lemaks!



Slimming superpowers: Lowfat and nonfat Greek and regular yogurts contain 20 percent or more of your daily calcium needs. The mineral slows production of cortisol, a hormone that encourages belly-flab buildup.

The amazing proof: People on a low-cal diet that included yogurt lost 81 percent more belly fat than those on a similar but no-yogurt plan, a study from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville concludes. This dairy is a must-do.

- yogurt boleh kurangkan gelebehan lemak di perut? waaa.. mana 7-Eleven. kita nak makan yogurt!

Slimming superpowers: These spuds have RS, the same carbs found in lentils that may turn up the body's fat-scorching furnace. RS may also increase production of peptide hormone compounds that signal the brain to stop eating.

The amazing proof: After a breakfast and a lunch containing RS, subjects ate about 10 percent fewer calories over the next 24 hours compared with when they had similar meals with a placebo, research from the University of Surrey indicates.

- Benda ni saya tak boleh makan sangat sebab nanti badan masuk angin. tapi sedap!



Slimming superpowers: A large kiwi has 84 milligrams of vitamin C-more than a day's quota. C helps form carnitine, a compound that transports fat into cell mitochondria, where it's burned for energy during exercise.

The amazing proof: People with low blood levels of C burned 10 percent less fat per pound of body weight while walking than did those with normal levels of C, a study at Arizona State University in Mesa shows. But when subjects got a dose of C, their fat burning increased fourfold.

- Kiwi pon sedap. sebab dia masam ;p yang penting dia boleh bakar lemak dengan pantas dan mengandungi lebih vitamin C



Slimming superpowers: The green soybeans supply 17 g of protein per cup, and your body torches more calories digesting protein than it does processing carbs and fat.

The amazing proof: Researchers from the Federal University of Vicosa found that people burned about 70 more calories per day when their A.M. meal contained soy protein versus other types of protein.

- Cool beans!

Now you know kan 10 hot super food yang bagus untuk diet?
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Nyamuk Terbang said...

thnx kak tips nie..mmg tgh diet skunk..hehe

Unknown said...

kiwi bakar lemak dengan pantas??? wahh harus makan kiwi bnyk2

Nazrul Ashraff said...

telur!!!!!!!!!!! haha.. itu memang feveret sejak kecil. makan semua jenis telur. telur separuh masak, telur mata kerbau ke apa ke. semua telan. my family also. heh.

feveret tuuuuuuu.

nanti kita jumpa ea kat mana2 event nuffnang! heh.


dulu kat LG Party, kita ada amik gambar sesama. hehe./

Unknown said...

ThankQ for the tips.

Yogurt - utk kurangkan lemak kat perut?? hhmm nasib baik suka makan yogurt.. Yogurt drink pn OK gak kan?.. Jom p beli yogurt skrg jugk!! :)

Ohye! jgn lupa sertai CONTEST dari MakLady ni > check this out :

"Award Terjah MakLady of the Month"

CikPuanWanda said...

elia...wanda nk kurus..mcm2 buat tp xmenjadi pun..uwaa tension2..tngal lagi 4bulan je

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