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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Nokia c3. Nak jugak-jugak!

I've fallen for this phone since the first time i lay my eyes on it.. I think one of the reason is the colour- PINK~! its gorgeous. Another reason is it has many features such as:


  • Take the web with you – connect to the internet over 2G or Wi-Fi.
  • Browse, search, shop and share online with the mobile web browser.
  • See web pages clearly on the vivid 2.4" colour display.
  • Access a world of information directly from the home screen using the Web Search widget.
  • Stay connected to your favourite Ovi services and social networks.
  • Let your friends know what you’re up to – update your status easily while on the move.

Photos And Video

  • Capture special moments as they happen with the built-in 2 megapixel camera.
  • Keep your photos and video clips on the 55 MB internal memory or store even more with up to 8 GB of expandable memory.
  • Record video clips on the go and watch them again later.
  • Share your photos with those close to you through email, MMS or a wireless Bluetooth connection.
  • Upload photos and video clips straight to your social networks or favourite sharing services.

Home Screen

  • Make it your own by changing the background, theme and icons.
  • Get live Facebook and Twitter feeds right on your home screen.
  • Keep in touch with friends – simply select their picture to call or send a message.
  • Manage your email, chat, calendar and music with dedicated widgets on your home screen

Kalau korang wonder berapa tahap social korang boleh la gi kat website ni. my result is im "popular".. haha popular ke?

Levels of Sociality/Popularity:

  • Geeky = 0-10,000 points
  • Squirt = 10,001-20,000 points
  • Popular = 20,001-50,000 points
  • Famous = 50,001-10,0000 points
  • The Most Sociable = more than 100,000 points

Nak tau bagaimana?

Check out this website and click "Socialistar Meter"

So, what's your level of popularity??


Haa Fakihah said...

uwarghhh akak pon berkenan gila sb wrne pinkkk. kt billion kb ritu hrga dia 459 kalo x silap.

Elia Si Jejariruncing said...

harga dia not bad kn?? ni yg rs nk beli ni.. ishkk.. geram plak rasa..yg penting leh on fb n bt blog!

Haa Fakihah said...

bezanya c3 xde 3g je kan. akk survey bln lps. geram je nk bli. comel.

Haa Fakihah said...

*ehh xde video call kan.

Elia Si Jejariruncing said...

alaaa...xde 3g ekk..xbest la plak xde 3g..cmne nk ber-video call ngn cik abg bile jauh2 nnti?? =(

Haa Fakihah said...

hehe. lia cr e71 @ e72 la. pstuh cr casing wrne pink. akk pon tukar2 casing je. nk tukar c3 kang syg sb e71 ade 3g.

Elia Si Jejariruncing said...

sis sy kate dr e71 baik amik c6.. btol ke?

~aL!n~ said...

alin pom jth cinta ng c3 neh,...huhu

Haa Fakihah said...

elia : yeke?? c6 cane dik? akk x survey ag. akk pkai pon asben bg hadiah. hee.

aQlili raHim said...

awal2 tu sy bkenan gak dgn c3..esp dgn kaler pink ni..spupu ada xbest sgt sbnrnya..gmbr blur,wlaupun 2mgpxl..and yup. takde 3g..xbest sgt..harga mmg dh murah..

rsnya c6 lg ok kot..huhu..
just to express my opinion je..=)

Elia Si Jejariruncing said...

aqili: thanks 4 the oppinion..kakak sy pon ckp hp tu kureng. sbb tu harga dia kena fkr btol2 ni nk beli yg mana

Anonymous said...

Features dye bunyi mmg menarik ,once beli mmg murah tapi bile pki internet super sloww ! :DD tapi colour mmg cantek !

n.O.N.o.y said...

.dah dapat ke henpon ni? ade warna baru yang limited edition. i beli 450 hengget. hehe.besh jugak pakai henpon ni.nak tgk?

tgk sini.

Chenta Mall said...

elia sy pon baru beli satu...tapi yg kale blue black la....

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